Transdisciplinary Workplace Research Conference 2020
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Media Response

This page will be filled with media response and photo documentation of the conference. 

Press Release (download) German English

(Extract) The second conference on transdisciplinary workplace research of the TWR Network ( was an experiment! But after three intensive and innovative days, one thing is certain: The experiment was a success. Started in the summer of 2019 with the 'Call for Abstracts' to science and practice, the radically changed circumstances from March 2020 on required agile management, new ideas and courage - not only from the organizers Dr. Annette Kämpf-Dern and Prof. Dr. Mascha Will-Zocholl. Together with the experienced team of Omega Veranstaltungstechnik from Weimar, the 70 virtual and 30 physical participants from 17 countries who were present in Frankfurt from 16-19 September 2020 were able to engage in an exchange that crossed borders and disciplines in every respect. To this end, all events - from the architecture tour and the round tables on Covid19, key notes and more than 70 presentations, up to joint cooking, the running dinner and the excursion to the intelligent building of smart engine | wtec - were actually held in hybrid form and live on site. The flexible office, the COWORKSTATT in Frankfurt-Griesheim, proved to be the ideal place for the discussion about modern and contemporary workplaces. The fact that the whole thing was very well received by the participants is shown by the extremely good responses. READ MORE

Participants’ Comments  

·      “… a first hybrid conference with scientists on site and additional online experts from all over the world - an immediate success.”
(Daniel Stephen Massey, smartengine wtec, Bad Homburg, Germany)

·      It was very innovative, productive and fascinating.” 
(Dr. Renuka Thakore: Research, Innovation and Partnerships, University College of Estate Management, Reading, UK)

·       “TWR Conference Setup: Zoom for virtual participants, cowork space in Frankfurt for physical participants, Discord app for all to breakout and interact, virtual cooking and dinner. … First hybrid/blended conference for me. Brilliant so far!”
(Dr. Matthew Tucker: Liverpool Business School, John Moores University, Liverpool, UK)

·      “Attending online! My first hybrid conference. Excited to be with this wonderful community of workplace researchers.”
(Dr. Kerstin Sailer: The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, London, UK)

·      You really pushed the idea of a hybrid conference to the limit.”
(Toni Reichert: Institute for Innovation Research and Management, Westphalian University of Applied Science, Bochum, Germany)

·       “A hybrid conference experience! Joining online but as excited as being physically present.”
(Dr. Vitalija Danivska: Faculty of Built Environment, Tampere University, Finland)

·      “Another fantastic conference! Of all the ones I attend, this is the one I feel most affiliation with.”
(Dr. Nigel Oseland: Workplace Unlimited, Berkhamsted, UK)

·      It was a wonderful experience. Nothing less than being there in person.” 
(Dr. Renuka Thakore: Research, Innovation and Partnerships, University College of Estate Management, Reading, UK)

·      “Love the creativity involved in making this conference happen.” 
(Gemma Irving: UQ Business School, University of Queensland, Australia)

·      “Thank you soooo much to all of you who made extraordinary effort to make this happen. … It has been a great experience.”
(Antonio Cobaleda Cordero: Design & Human Factors, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden)

·      “Thank you for a super (hybrid) conference! Looking forward for 2022!”
(Anne Kathrine Overgaard: The Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark)

·      “Many thanks for the great organization of the TRW2020 conference. I can only roughly understand how much effort and passion you put into this event. Congratulations on this achievement!”
(Dr. Christian Schlicht: Facility Management / Center Management, ECE Projektmanagement, Hamburg, Germany)

·      “It was a-w-e-s-o-m-e! … To be honest, this is the first online conference where I felt fully connected to all the participants. … Thanks to the organizers for their bravery and a beautifulwork!” 
(Daria Vakhrusheva: Center for Advanced Governance, Moscow, Russia)