Transdisciplinary Workplace Research Conference 2020
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General instructions

As we have limited time (15-20 minutes) per presentation only, we'd kindly ask you to keep your time. A few considerations might help to do so.

For the poster presentation 5-7 minutes are calculated to present the poster. A poster template is available here.


Introduction – Body – Conclusion (10:80:10) & Q&A (Questions & Answers)


A good introduction picks up the listener at his level of knowledge, builds a relationship with him, arouses interest and creates attention. It must be simple, precise and free from jargon. Presenters also should mention if elements of the same study have already been presented elsewhere.


In the main part of the lecture the topic is systematically introduced to the audience. For this purpose, the conception of the content is divided into main points and subpoints. Here the aims of the work, the methods used, and the results will be presented.


At the end, repeat your most important statements again precisely, give a summary and an outlook. What is your take-home message? 

Lead questions for your presentation: 

  • Problem: What is the question you’re interested in?
  • Methods: How have you investigated this question? 
  • Results: What have you found?
  • Conclusion: What conclusions can you draw?

Don’t try and pack too much into the presentation

  • Try and get a few simple messages across
  • Avoid too much detail