Transdisciplinary Workplace Research Conference 2020
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Running Dinner on Thursday ... without running

For the virtual participants who cannot attend the conference dinner in Frankfurt, we have thought of something very special: an Italian "running" dinner. The concept is the following: You'll prepare your own dinner while being connected with some of the other virtual conference participants. So you can start networking while cooking.

Julia and Pino from Grano & Farina Cooking School in Rome, Italy, put together an Italian menu with recipes for non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian dishes one can easily prepare at home. The ingredients will be chosen to be easily available all over the world. The recipes will be sent out in advance so everyone has enough time to go grocery shopping and take a look at the steps. To make sure everyone will know what to do, Julia and Pino offered to join the video session to give the opportunity to ask questions and to give some useful tips!

While you are cooking in small groups, the physically attending participants will have an Aperitivo at the COWORKSTATT.
For the hybrid running dinner, the virtual participants will be ‘joined’ by the physical participants, who will be provided with catered dinner. Each of the courses, the Antipasto and the main course, will be eaten in small groups, before finishing the dinner with dessert and yet new people. Thus, you can network as if it was a normal gala dinner evening – only better!