Transdisciplinary Workplace Research Conference 2020
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Virtual COVID-19 Round Tables

The COVID-19 Roundtable deals with the challenges that the pandemic poses for the spatial design of the world of work. It consists of two parts, a short input by the moderators or speakers on selected topics and a workshop in which relevant questions in the respective context are dealt with in greater depth in break-out rooms.

This is a virtual only meeting. You can be physically in the COWORKSTATT but you will need your own equipment (except WLAN) to join the session. This session will be held via ZOOM. All for the roundtable registered participants will receive the links via email or access to the live-event homepage.

Structure (Times in UTC/GMT + 2h)

2 pm.: Start of the roundtables 

  • Welcome and explanation of setup, goals, technical issues
  • Introduction of topics by roundtable moderators: 

       Malte Kopmann, RBSGROUP – Part of Drees & Sommer
     Cheuk F. Ng, Athabasca University Canada
       Kerstin Sailer, University College London/GB

  • 10-15 min impulses on the roundtable topics (roundtable moderators or people chosen by the moderators) to all participants including the specific questions/problems the roundtable participants will work on

3 pm.- 5/5.30 pm.: Division in 3 roundtable breakout groups (12-14 people/group)

  • Short introduction of participants within the groups (to get to know each other)
  • Structured collection and discussion of questions/problems
  • Collection of results / theses and preparation of results presentation to the plenum on Thursday morning