Transdisciplinary Workplace Research Conference 2020
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Typical Frankfurt Dinner on Friday

Join us for a typical Frankfurt dinner at 'Die Buschscheer', opened in 1867, in the charming district of Sachsenhausen. Pressing their own apples (only ones from around Frankfurt), they are known for the Apfelwein, the national beverage of Frankfurt. Served in a Bembel, a jug just for the Apfelwein, and eaten with roasted potatoes, our 'Frankfurt Green Sauce' and maybe a 'Schnitzel' or a 'Fleischkäs' you'll quickly get to know the cozy aspect of the busy banking city. One awaits a variety of typical dishes, vegetarian and non-vegetarian, and home-made beverages on the terrace.

Please note: The costs of what is being consumed is not included in the conference fee.