Transdisciplinary Workplace Research Conference 2020
Interested in future workplaces? Be part of it!

 “Visit of a modern workplace: a former engine shed transformed by architecture and smart building technology (wtec GmbH)”

  • Welcome (Annette Kämpf-Dern und Johannes Nußbaum)
  • Introduction of the historic former engine shed and the transformation into an office building
  • New Work and the role of technology as an enabler
  • Live Tour: Introduction oft he smartengine-technology as infrastructure for smart lighting and a modern workplace experience app 

                       Tour and Live Demo Workplace-Experience
                       Live Demo technology
                       References including global tech companies

Q&A and Get-Together accomanied by a small lunch

The „Lokschuppen“ building is located in Bad Homburg, a city close to Frankfurt. It is a former engine shed and has been used to repair trains. The historic building is under monument protection and has been transformed into a modern office space in 2013, using many of the old elements. You will be surprised to find railroad tracks in an office building. How can such a building be transformed from an industrial site to office?

Besides a great architectural concept keeping the historic elements where possible and adding new elements where needed, technology plays a big role. The tenant of the building, wtec GmbH, is a technology company that develops one of the most advanced smart building technologies worldwide (“smartengine technology”). The technology is used by 8 out of the top 10 Fortune 500 companies. Discover how this technology helps to offer solutions for flexible workplaces and smart building apps. Some of the features are: opening doors via smart phone, room booking, live availability of desks and meeting rooms via app and on the screens, monitoring of air quality, corporate real estate analytics such as heatmaps and statistics on room usage etc.